We've had some previous clients and businesses we've partnered with say some nice things about us. Here's what they had to say.

Kristy, you have been an INCREDIBLE human being through this whole process. I appreciate you deeply. I look forward to working with you on a future deal,  but one that is streamlined and easy to go. You are one hell of an agent, and I am honored to know you.

Amanda Rupley

Kristy Thornton is truly the most outstanding business broker in Dallas! I was recommended to her, and I couldn't be more grateful. I connected her with a friend exploring business opportunities who is looking to relocate to Dallas, and her expertise impressed us all. Kristy is the go-to person for all your business needs in Texas!

Jacques B., eXp Realty

We would highly recommend Kristy Thornton for ANY of your real-estate needs. Her background, knowledge and skill sets helped us to navigate the challenges of selling our business. Kristy is one that goes the extra mile and was always available to talk during and after business hours. No concern or question was too small or too large for her to help with. She made us feel like valued customers each step of the way and throughout the entire process.

Steve & Regina Faber, Business Owners

Kristy Thornton and her team at Keller Williams provided a very professional and rewarding experience regarding the sale of our commercial building. They stayed in contact with us and communicated the progress of prospective buyers throughout the entire process.  

Upon receiving a serious offer, Kristy took her time to explain my options and the details of all the paperwork.  

The biggest benefit Kristy brought to the table was when we hit a roadblock for the buyer to purchase the property. Kristy developed a plan that benefited me, the seller, as well as the buyer. Both parties were pleased with the arrangement and the deal was completed. Based on Kristie’s recommendation (fair market value) I listed the building 30% higher than what I planned on listing. The building was sold for our full asking price!

I highly recommend Kristy and her team for the work and commitment they give to their clients!

Gregg Duggan, Seller/Landlord

Kristy was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and clearly develops rapport with her clients. She knows what she is doing and was instrumental in getting all parties to closing on the purchase of an investment property. I hope to get to work with Kristi again in the future!

Nathan Tune, Commercial Agent

I had a client with a commercial building to sell.  He had spoken with several commercial agents and didn’t feel that they would represent him well.  He asked me if I could handle it for him.  As I am not familiar with commercial property I told him I would find someone for him.  I also spoke with a couple of commercial agents and didn’t feel comfortable that they’d take good care of him.

Then fortunately I stumbled into a Dallas Preston Road office meeting and happened to hear Kristy Thornton give a presentation.  I was so impressed with her knowledge, energy and work ethic that I was convinced on the spot that she was the person to represent my client.  During the listing I touched base with my client every month and each time he informed me that Kristy was on top of things and even if nothing was happening at the moment, she did a great job of communicating with him.  She excelled representing him throughout the entire process and the negotiations.  They closed on the property earlier this week and he immediately called to thank me.  

Finally I have a commercial/business agent that I can refer my friends/clients to, with complete confidence.  Thank you Kristy for doing an outstanding job and making me look good in the eyes of my client!

Tom Calvaneso

Kristy was AWESOME!!! I learned so much that I didn’t know. I feel more prepared for the future.
Awareness is a must. I will do things differently in the future taking what I have learned [from Kristy].

Julie M., Keynote Attendee

Kristy had such neat ideas…she presented things I would have never thought of! She is extremely good at her job. If I could have added anything it would have been…MORE TIME. I wanted to learn so much more from Kristy.

Lorna, Smart Start Inc.

Kristy, thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge in the industry. WOW! This new venture has been tight on funding from day one, which has created many challenges over the last year. We will take your input and implement as we can-you have so many great ideas! We enjoyed it and look forward to working with you again.

Teresa Allen, Seminar Participant

My company has been saved by the most incredible lady in the business. I really couldn’t have done this a tenth as well without Kristy, and I owe her big. I could go on and on about how much she has changed my company and me as an owner.

Abe Nimeth, Business Buyer & Consulting Client

Well Kristy, we finally got this thing crossed the finish line, I want to thank you for all your help and your friendship. Vivica and I are sitting our favorite wine bar having a glass of wine contemplating what it is like to be unemployed. Josh is coming by to set up his office Monday over the weekend we will be putting keys in files and things together, thank you very much you’re more than a realtor.

Robert Stock, Owner of Greenbelt Business Park/Construction Company/Renowned Chef

We love working with Kristy and her team!
Kristy really takes great care of her clients.  She’s very knowledgeable and walks you through every step of the process.
She communicates well and if we need anything for closing, she takes care of it quickly. 
We value our relationship with Kristy and her team and love partnering with them on their closings.

Cissy Martin

I’ve worked with Kristy and her team for many years. I really enjoy the personal customer service
provided to my clients, trust in teamwork and excellent dedications she has given as my business
partner. I am very proud of the work she has done with our clients and excited for great things ahead!

Kevin Moon

Kristy Thornton and her team at Texas Empire Properties with Keller Williams are your solution for
Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate.  They are true experts in helping their clients achieve
their goals and will give you the attention and professionalism that you deserve.

Theresa Flood

After talking with many commercial brokers, we quickly decided to work with Kristy Thornton after our first conversation with her. Her extensive knowledge about the entire process quickly convinced us that she was the person we’d been looking for to guide us through the sale of our business. 

We signed with her in the fall of 2021 and within months, she brought two good offers. As she had described to us, she has relationships with investors who are looking for businesses to purchase therefore our business was never advertised on a website and always remained very confidential. 

The words we would use to describe Kristy are professional, responsive, knowledgeable, high-energy, good listener, considerate and direct at addressing any issues. Kristy is very giving of her time and was always available to address our questions. 

After closing, Kristy even came to our business as we introduced employees to the new owners. She was very reassuring to them in this transition and offered continued support as needed. 

Selling commercial property is a complex situation and is very different from selling residential property. We are very happy we found Ms. Thornton to be our commercial agent as she brought solid offers in a short time frame, and represented us in an honest and professional manner. She’s truly one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met. 

We would highly recommend Kristy to anyone considering selling their business or buying commercial property. She will tirelessly work to represent you and your interests, and make this process understandable and beneficial for you. We found using her to be the best decision we could have made in the sale of our company.

Phil Ferrant, CPA

Kristy Thornton is by far the best commercial realtor I have ever worked with in over 45 years in business.  

I was a majority owner of a Child Care Center in Fort Worth.  In early 2020 I began looking for an exit strategy from the Child Care industry.  Talked to several brokers both locally and nationally that supposedly specialized in selling Daycares.  None of them seemed to have much knowledge of the industry and all put a sales price for the center between 2 to 2.2 million dollars.

They all were typical commercial realtors, never answered their phone, took days to get back to you and seemed only interested in getting the listing.      

When I called Kristy a couple of things immediately impressed me. First, she answered the phone the first time I called and second, she knew a lot about my center already. She talked about several different buyer groups she was in contact with looking to purchase daycares in the DFW area.  The biggest surprise was that she suggested a listing price of over 3 million dollars, almost 50% more than any of her competitors.

Having dealt with a lot of realtors in the past, I was leery of her claims. I assumed once she got into the weeds, she would bring her suggested sales price down several thousand dollars. Not only did this not happen, but every time an offer came in under the asking price, she worked tirelessly providing more info and rebuttals to buyers on why their offer was too low. In less than a year we completed the sale of the day care within the asking price range. Kristy kept me informed, almost, on a daily basis, of where the process was, issues that arose and provided suggestions on how to address them.

The first person I will call the next time I have a need for a commercial realtor will be Kristy Thornton.

Mike Dolan, Investor - Austin, TX

Out of three brokers who had contacted me, Kristy was the perfect match for not only the school, but also for me.  In addition, she found the perfect buyer for the school.  Although there was an analysis done and a price agreed upon for the package, she upped the price on a gut feeling (and comps) that it would be a fair ask, for the seller, and for the buyer.  History proves she was right.

During the course of working with Kristy, not only did she keep in constant contact with me explaining her style of communication, handling buyers, tours, inspections, and transactions, she also explained the commission structure, and method of closing deals.  She was an excellent communicator; her emails, texts, and phone calls were direct and to the point, as well as timely and responsive to all questions and concerns, or education needed during the process.   Kristy has a sixth sense about buyers and handles them with finesse, but I always felt like she had my very best interests foremost in her mind in every aspect of the transaction, probably due to the fact that she has owned and operated a school and sold it.  She understood the emotions, feelings, stresses, and strains that often accompany such transactions.  When negotiations with the buyer were necessary, she fairly represented both interests and parties to reach a successful end. I never once felt she was working for one party over another during this sale.  I don't know how she did it.    

Although there was a bit of a hiccup with the Title Company, I feel like the transaction and process was flawless, due to Kristy's positive attitude, work ethic, professionalism, and humility.

Thank you, thank you for helping me move into my retirement with a comfortable nest egg.


After working with two other Business Brokers concerning the sale of my business, I was referred to Kristy Thornton and immediately knew she was the right person, to not only complete my sale, but the right person to guide me in understanding the commercial process.

Being straight forward, thorough, and well connected with qualified buyers, Kristy quickly presented three serious offers for consideration.

From listing, to showing, to closing, Ms.Thornton kept me informed, up to date, and represented my interests superbly. She is worth every penny of the commission earned, because she worked hard through every phase of the commercial sale process. As the consummate professional, Kristy Thornton is the best person to sell your commercial property if you want the best price, best experience, and best representation of your interests.

Betty Williams, Investor & Seller

Kristy was a ray of hope that came to us at just the right time. With Kristy's guidance, we were able to make some needed changes so that our business would be much more marketable, and she was able to complete the sale at a higher than expected price.

Mrs. Tori, Seller

Kristy was a ray of hope that came to us at just the right time. With Kristy's guidance, we were able to make some needed changes so that our business would be much more marketable, and she was able to complete the sale at a higher than expected price.