Kristy Thornton is by far the best commercial realtor I have ever worked with in over 45 years in business.  

I was a majority owner of a Child Care Center in Fort Worth.  In early 2020 I began looking for an exit strategy from the Child Care industry.  Talked to several brokers both locally and nationally that supposedly specialized in selling Daycares.  None of them seemed to have much knowledge of the industry and all put a sales price for the center between 2 to 2.2 million dollars.

They all were typical commercial realtors, never answered their phone, took days to get back to you and seemed only interested in getting the listing.      

When I called Kristy a couple of things immediately impressed me. First, she answered the phone the first time I called and second, she knew a lot about my center already. She talked about several different buyer groups she was in contact with looking to purchase daycares in the DFW area.  The biggest surprise was that she suggested a listing price of over 3 million dollars, almost 50% more than any of her competitors.

Having dealt with a lot of realtors in the past, I was leery of her claims. I assumed once she got into the weeds, she would bring her suggested sales price down several thousand dollars. Not only did this not happen, but every time an offer came in under the asking price, she worked tirelessly providing more info and rebuttals to buyers on why their offer was too low. In less than a year we completed the sale of the day care within the asking price range. Kristy kept me informed, almost, on a daily basis, of where the process was, issues that arose and provided suggestions on how to address them.

The first person I will call the next time I have a need for a commercial realtor will be Kristy Thornton.

Mike Dolan, Investor - Austin, TX