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Kristy is backed by a professional team who care about setting businesses up for success. Together they help clients navigate the complexities of business and real estate.

TX Empire Properties Team

Amanda Nail
Director of Operations and Business Development

Amanda manages our firm with offices in Allen, Dallas and Oklahoma. With her immense problem-solving skills, she handles all the departments within the company. Amanda is known for strengthening the team’s weakness, which benefits the firm by bringing the best leadership to the forefront. She is responsible for developing and executing new growth directives for our firm by growing its revenue and working closely with our clients, as well as expanding our brand with her creative marketing ideas. She also over sees client-relationship management and sales. Her passion for people is what drives her. Amanda has a background in mortgage, real estate, sales and has owned several businesses. When Amanda is not working, she loves to travel, write songs and spend time with her two daughters and new grandbaby boy.

Matthew Moore
Director of Sales / Mergers and Acquisitions

Matthew is our Director of Business Development. He also specializes in mergers and acquisitions. He has spent many years working in finance and underwriting for Rocket Mortgage. Matthew has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond to help with all clients. He is well on his way to becoming our Luxury homes Real Estate specialist for our firm. Matthew is never too busy for your referrals. When Matthew is not working, he enjoys studying the stock market, working out and traveling.

Hannah Nail
Executive Assistant / Director of Social Media Marketing

Hannah is a great asset to our team, possessing great communication skills, leadership character and she is also tech savvy. She assists our executives with tasks such as scheduling, reviewing, prioritizing and responding to emails; coordinating travel arrangements, answering and returning phone calls for the firm, organizing documents, taking notes at meetings and any other tasks that help our executives perform their job. With Hannah’s great attention to detail, she keeps the team on task all the while keeping up with our fast paced environment. She also handles the social media marketing for Tx Empire Properties. In Hannah’s down time she enjoys choreographing dances, recording music and hanging out with her nephew.

Tyler Gibby
Managing Officer/Agent-Oklahoma Office

Tyler was born and raised right on the OK/TX border and is familiar with both states. He graduated from Achille High School in 2014 and started a career in Guest Service and Inside Sales. He intends to leverage this experience into his Real Estate career. Tyler is a Licensed Oklahoma Real Estate Salesperson and will soon complete his Pre-Licensure Course for the State of Texas to carry a multi-state license to sell Real Estate. His father owned and operated a successful construction company for the better part of his life, so he is knowledgeable in both Real Estate and Business Sales. Tyler has yet to meet a stranger and has a strong people-oriented personality. Tyler married the love of his life in May of 2022 in Telluride, CO. When he isn’t working, you can most likely find Tyler with his wife, Alexandria at the lake or relaxing by the pool with their German Shepherds, Ace and Meeka.

Kristy, thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge in the industry. WOW! We will take your input and implement as we can-you have so many great ideas! We enjoyed it and look forward to working with you again.
Teresa Allen
Well Kristy, we finally got this thing crossed the finish line, I want to thank you for all your help and your friendship. Vivica and I are sitting our favorite wine bar having a glass of wine contemplating wha tit is like to be unemployed.
Robert Stock
Kristy was a ray of hope that came to us at just the right time. With Kristy's guidance, we were able to make some needed changes so that our business would be much more marketable, and she was able to complete the sale at a higher than expected price.
I’ve worked with Kristy and her team for many years. I really enjoy the personal customer service provided to my clients, trust in teamwork and excellent dedications she has given as my business partner. I am very proud of the work she has done...
Kevin Moon
My company has been saved by the most incredible lady in the business. I really couldn’t have done this a tenth as well without Kristy, and I owe her big. I could go on and on about how much she has changed my company and me as an owner.
Abe Nimeth
Kristy was a ray of hope that came to us at just the right time. With Kristy's guidance, we were able to make some needed changes so that our business would be much more marketable, and she was able to complete the sale at a higher than expected price.
Kristy had such neat ideas…she presented things I would have never thought of! She is extremely good at her job. If I could have added anything it would have been…MORE TIME. I wanted to learn so much more from Kristy.
Lorna, Smart Start Inc.
We love working with Kristy and her team! They provide 5 STAR Service! Kristy is very proactive with her clients so when they reach the closing table, there are no surprises. We are so thankful for each opportunity to work with them.
Kristy was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and clearly develops rapport with her clients. She knows what she is doing and was instrumental in getting all parties to closing on the purchase of an investment property.
Nathan Tune, Commercial Agent
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