Kristy is focused with developing strong business ties as well as the success of her clients and their businesses. People have noticed. These are only a few of her numerous accolades.

December 2023 Million Dollar Transactions
D Magazine Best 2023
December 2022 Top Individuals
December 2022 Million Dollar Transactions
August 2022 Top Individuals
July 2022 Top Individuals
June 2022 Top Individuals
June 2022 Closed Units
May 2022 Top Sales Award from Keller Williams
March 2022 Top Individuals
D Magazine Best 2022
Top Individuals in 2021 Award from Keller Williams
Cappers December 2021 Award for Keller Williams
December 2021 Top Sales Award for Keller Williams
October 2021 Top Sales Award Keller Williams
August 2021 Top Sales Award for Keller Williams
July 2021 Top Sales Award Keller Williams
June 2021 Closed Units Award Keller WIlliams
June 2021 Top Sales Award Keller Williams
March 2021 Top Sales Award Keller Williams
2020 Commercial Agent Award
2019 Keller Williams Ogre Award
I feel like the transaction and process was flawless, due to Kristy's positive attitude, work ethic, professionalism, and humility. Thank you, thank you for helping me move into my retirement with a comfortable nest egg.
Kristy was AWESOME!!! I learned so much that I didn’t know. I feel more prepared for the future.Awareness is a must. I will do things differently in the future taking what I have learned [from Kristy].
Julie M., Keynote Attendee
Kristy was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and clearly develops rapport with her clients. She knows what she is doing and was instrumental in getting all parties to closing on the purchase of an investment property.
Nathan Tune, Commercial Agent
I’ve worked with Kristy and her team for many years. I really enjoy the personal customer service provided to my clients, trust in teamwork and excellent dedications she has given as my business partner. I am very proud of the work she has done...
Kevin Moon
...[Kristy] worked tirelessly providing more info and rebuttals to buyers on why their offer was too low. In less than a year we completed the sale of the day care within the asking price range. [She is] the first person I will call the next time...
Mike Dolan, Investor - Austin, TX
Kristy Thornton and her team ... provided a very professional and rewarding experience regarding the sale of our commercial building. They stayed in contact with us and communicated the progress of prospective buyers throughout the entire process.
Gregg Duggan, Seller/Landlord
Kristy, thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge in the industry. WOW! We will take your input and implement as we can-you have so many great ideas! We enjoyed it and look forward to working with you again.
Teresa Allen, Seminar Participant
Kristy was a ray of hope that came to us at just the right time. With Kristy's guidance, we were able to make some needed changes so that our business would be much more marketable, and she was able to complete the sale at a higher than expected price.
Kristy Thornton is truly the most outstanding business broker in Dallas! I was recommended to her, and I couldn't be more grateful. I connected her with a friend exploring business opportunities ... and her expertise impressed us all.
Jacques B., eXp Realty
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