About Kristy Thornton

Kristy often ranks within the top sellers in the Dallas area. She cares about building strong business relationships and her clients' successes.

Kristy has 24+ years of business management experience with demonstrated expertise in guiding business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors in identifying new opportunities and supporting the sale, purchase, and growth of new business operations. She has successfully owned, operated, and sold 8 businesses of her own over the past two decades. She is a true management professional with a career history in supporting the development and execution of highly efficient business operations. 

Kristy demonstrates expertise in working one-on-one with business owners to identify new opportunities and support the sale and/or purchase of new resources. She is adept at serving as a liaison between the seller and buyer, evaluating client needs and creating tailored solutions to achieve defined goals. She is an expert at managing program expectations and is quite skilled at building strong business relationships that expand the customers clientele base and generate record breaking revenues. 

Kristy creatively solves complex problems, negotiates the best-possible deal for each client, buyer, and seller alike. She can identify market conditions and quickly adapt strategies. Her greatest strength lies in her ability to understand and manage her client’s needs throughout the process while building long term relationships to ensure future success!

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Mission Statement

To create long lasting relationships by providing innovative solutions that result in exceptional outcomes for the buyer and seller alike. 


To lead the business brokerage and real estate industries with excellence, an outstanding reputation, and to create long lasting and strong partnerships.

I’ve worked with Kristy and her team for many years. I really enjoy the personal customer service provided to my clients, trust in teamwork and excellent dedications she has given as my business partner. I am very proud of the work she has done...
Kevin Moon
Kristy had such neat ideas…she presented things I would have never thought of! She is extremely good at her job. If I could have added anything it would have been…MORE TIME. I wanted to learn so much more from Kristy.
Lorna, Smart Start Inc.
Well Kristy, we finally got this thing crossed the finish line, I want to thank you for all your help and your friendship. Vivica and I are sitting our favorite wine bar having a glass of wine contemplating wha tit is like to be unemployed.
Robert Stock, Owner of Greenbelt Business Park/Construction Company/Renowned Chef
Kristy, thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge in the industry. WOW! We will take your input and implement as we can-you have so many great ideas! We enjoyed it and look forward to working with you again.
Teresa Allen, Seminar Participant
Kristy was a ray of hope that came to us at just the right time. With Kristy's guidance, we were able to make some needed changes so that our business would be much more marketable, and she was able to complete the sale at a higher than expected price.
Mrs. Tori, Seller
Finally I have a commercial/business agent that I can refer my friends/clients to, with complete confidence. Thank you Kristy for doing an outstanding job and making me look good in the eyes of my client!
Tom Calvaneso
I feel like the transaction and process was flawless, due to Kristy's positive attitude, work ethic, professionalism, and humility. Thank you, thank you for helping me move into my retirement with a comfortable nest egg.
Kristy really takes great care of her clients. She’s very knowledgeable and walks you through every step of the process.She communicates well and if we need anything for closing, she takes care of it quickly. We value our relationship with Kristy and her team.
Cissy Martin
Kristy Thornton is truly the most outstanding business broker in Dallas! I was recommended to her, and I couldn't be more grateful. I connected her with a friend exploring business opportunities ... and her expertise impressed us all.
Jacques B., eXp Realty
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