Out of three brokers who had contacted me, Kristy was the perfect match for not only the school, but also for me.  In addition, she found the perfect buyer for the school.  Although there was an analysis done and a price agreed upon for the package, she upped the price on a gut feeling (and comps) that it would be a fair ask, for the seller, and for the buyer.  History proves she was right.

During the course of working with Kristy, not only did she keep in constant contact with me explaining her style of communication, handling buyers, tours, inspections, and transactions, she also explained the commission structure, and method of closing deals.  She was an excellent communicator; her emails, texts, and phone calls were direct and to the point, as well as timely and responsive to all questions and concerns, or education needed during the process.   Kristy has a sixth sense about buyers and handles them with finesse, but I always felt like she had my very best interests foremost in her mind in every aspect of the transaction, probably due to the fact that she has owned and operated a school and sold it.  She understood the emotions, feelings, stresses, and strains that often accompany such transactions.  When negotiations with the buyer were necessary, she fairly represented both interests and parties to reach a successful end. I never once felt she was working for one party over another during this sale.  I don't know how she did it.    

Although there was a bit of a hiccup with the Title Company, I feel like the transaction and process was flawless, due to Kristy's positive attitude, work ethic, professionalism, and humility.

Thank you, thank you for helping me move into my retirement with a comfortable nest egg.