I had a client with a commercial building to sell.  He had spoken with several commercial agents and didn’t feel that they would represent him well.  He asked me if I could handle it for him.  As I am not familiar with commercial property I told him I would find someone for him.  I also spoke with a couple of commercial agents and didn’t feel comfortable that they’d take good care of him.

Then fortunately I stumbled into a Dallas Preston Road office meeting and happened to hear Kristy Thornton give a presentation.  I was so impressed with her knowledge, energy and work ethic that I was convinced on the spot that she was the person to represent my client.  During the listing I touched base with my client every month and each time he informed me that Kristy was on top of things and even if nothing was happening at the moment, she did a great job of communicating with him.  She excelled representing him throughout the entire process and the negotiations.  They closed on the property earlier this week and he immediately called to thank me.  

Finally I have a commercial/business agent that I can refer my friends/clients to, with complete confidence.  Thank you Kristy for doing an outstanding job and making me look good in the eyes of my client!

Tom Calvaneso